Building privacy, security and trust in digital engagement
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Defining a privacy respectful business model for digital engagement

Video: MyData2016 - Geoff Revill

Video: Geoff Revill at IPEN Workshop 2017

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Video: Krowdthink speaks on GDPR panel at Eventtechlive Nov 2017

Krowdthink beats top innovators & wins funding to add safety to Eventtech

Krowdthink has been invited to speak at the following events:

Conference on human centric personal information management

Workshop for Internet Privacy Engineering Network

Fostering Trust

Only a conscious commitment to empower customers can halt the current downward spiral of trust in digital engagement.

Backed by a commitment to build a product or service development culture that respects privacy built on security.

Advocating Privacy

Digital privacy is needed for a free digital society

Privacy will not become ubiquitous until it becomes a commercial asset

The first freedom should be from location tracking. No other data gives such deep insight to who you are

GDPR Consultancy

At Krowdthink we see the GDPR & the upcoming E-Privacy Regulation as a driver of market change, and change means business opportunity.

We are practitioners, experienced in building GDPR ready product and business models for a more heavily legislated era.

Our focus is SME’s, start-ups and their investors – for companies seeking to become GDPR ready, or due diligence support on ‘personal data use’ for current or prospective business investments.

Innovating Co-location

Unlocking location value for citizens & places, whilst sustaining location privacy, is achieved through the insight that it’s the co-location of people that is important, not their location

The Krowd App...

Smart Cities

The strategic challenge is to maximise the revenue opportunity for the local economy 

Fostering digital engagement in places keeps the data value local and maximises return on investment to the city.

Call us about our 5G localised digital economy project

Krowd Awards & Recognition

Top 50 Finalist (1000+ applicants)
London MillionPoundStartUp

Commended Finalist UKCeB Excellence Awards
Defence Information 2017

Top 20 Finalist UK DCMS Cyber Innovation Awards
InfoSecurity 2017

Our Blog

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