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London – 29th April 2016
The first conference integrating the commercial opportunity of privacy and the new GDPR

The Location Privacy Experts

Advocating consumer rights for location tracking

Innovating Location-based social engagement

Our Advocacy

We fight to protect users from location tracking

#optmeoutoflocation campaign

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We research and implement best practice in trustworthy digital social engagement We fight from the point of view of developers who have innovated solutions to the problems we see in localized digital engagement in the context of a Trust Model

Smart Cities

The strategic challenge is to maximise the revenue opportunity of digitising cities into the local economy

Encouraging localised digital engagement can mitigate a city’s data bleed of value to cloud service providers

Call us to engage in our 5G localised digital economy project

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Excellent summary of the shift we saw when arranging @theprivacyadv event - the fork in the personal data use road
UK Gov light touch data regulation sees citizens as assets to trade, this time to Google, 1.6m health records sold
RT @DSMeu: "We will not hesitate to act as a watchdog for #mediafreedom when EU law is at stake" @GoettingerEU #WPFD2016 #DD16…
The world needs shades of grey to operate - digital security requires a black/white - neither can be 100% right
RT @MarietjeSchaake: Important letter on #netneutrality by 72 NGO's was sent to EU Telecom Regulators
No...but it should always be treated as if we do....drives an appropriate respect
RT @glynmoody: The Chilling Effect Of Mass #Surveillance Quantified -
RT @futureidentity: "We'll need you to do this today" says Google's passive-aggressive privacy policy notice. How about focusing on what I…
RT @bendrath: loads of #TTIP docs revealed: Full texts will be published tomorrow 11:00 CEST at #rpTEN by @Greenpe…
@minabird @lilianedwards @alexanderhanff not really, by seeking to understand profiling vs value we might be see risk vs reward more clearly
RT @Digicatbrighton: The implications of the new EU #GDPR on companies and consumers with @krowdthink for #PDTN: @D…
@alexanderhanff I spoke to Wojcheich on this yesterday as I too am concerned on short it was a compromise
Lack of adoption lack of interest or lack of roi I wonder
Someone nust have done a proper market breakdown...but maybe not from a #privacy pov..
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