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Connecting people in places
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The Krowd connects people in places without tracking location.

In the Krowd you can create posts as in a blog, comment on others' posts, chat with those nearby, send private messages to each other and discover people locally.

Be whom you want where you are

Use different Personas to show relevant content right here right now, depending on the situation: at work, on campus, in the pub, at an event.

Adjust visibility of your posts to make them open to everybody or only people nearby.


We don't track your location. Our co-location technology means we never even know where you are.

There's no "location" icon in your phone's upper bar, the app does not require location permissions.

It's your content. You can delete any of your posts at anytime and it's gone for good.

Read more about privacy in the Krowd.


What's said on campus stays on campus

Only those on campus can engage in your local chat.

The Krowd keeps your student life separate from your future work and home lives. Just remember to post under different personas and set the visibility of your posts.

Events and conferences

Your event is not our business - Connecting people in places is Read more about the Krowd for events

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