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The Krowd will be officially launched in
Early access customers and media can download the app from the relevant store now
The Krowd connects people in places without tracking location.

It enables digital introductions and conversations for crowds of like-minded people.

In the Krowd we put you in control of what gets shared with whom and – because we are mobile – when and where too.

The Krowd is a Social Networking Service, enhancing community, local connectivity and event networking.


Be whom you want where you are

The Krowd helps you make real-life connections


The Krowd creates instant local social networks

Creating community


Live Chat across Campus

What's said on campus stays on campus


The Krowd for event and conference networking

Your event is not our business - Connecting people in places is

Our Blog

Why pseudonymity is important for the Krowd
When we are in a crowd, most people around us are strangers, in effect they are anonymous to us in terms of their name and who they are. Yet we already know things about ... (read more)
Delete should mean Delete!
The reasonably tech savvy amongst us have learnt that on our PC delete does not mean delete, it means the file is in the trash and is not deleted until the trash is empti... (read more)
Why the Right to Delete is so important Online
We all instinctively know that when we connect to websites and use online apps that some data is being collected about us. Sometimes we explicitly know what that data is ... (read more)
A Day in the life of ManInTheKrowd
Its a bright crisp autumnal morning and ManInTheKrowd leaves for work at 6am to catch his train. Its packed as normal and its a job to get a seat, but he eventually gets ... (read more)
You always pay for Social Network services
The norm for social networks is that they present the idea they are free. But they are not of course. You pay by helping them collate a profile of you. Not just with your... (read more)
PRISM, the NSA We only collect the meta-data
In my opinion, this statement from the US National Security Agency, when defending themselves against the revelations by Ed Snowden about how PRISM collated data about yo... (read more)
Thinking about Images in Social Networks
Images are great, we love using them to communicate, and now its said that facebook posts now contain an image 50% of the time. But with social networks that actually see... (read more)
Tracking Location Creeps Us Out
Using Co-Location not Location-based capabilities to deliver a social networking service. Lets face it, very few people turn on their GPS except for a specific purpose, s... (read more)
What is a Krowd?
In short its the social networking app created by Krowdthink. But thats does not tell you much, especially as we have not launched the app itself yet, it enters 1st publi... (read more)
What is Online Privacy?
At Krowdthink we seek to offer our users online privacy as a foundational building block of our service. So we had better be clear from the outset what it is, or at least... (read more)

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Countdown to the launch of The Krowd next week. Time to reset the engagement model of social networking in your favor
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RT @LiamPomfret: Problem with the nothing to hide argument is the underlying assumption that privacy is about hiding bad things. Privacy fa…
@TechCrunch: Facebook’s new comments plugin syncs conversations between sites & FB pages more Internet tracking
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So why is @twitter partnering with Foursquare? Looks like shareholders push Twitter to race for Big Data about u & me
Phone stalking research “4,182 times are you kidding me? It felt like I’m being followed by my own phone"
"@ianmurrain: Hollow Tor #Dartmoor #Devon" where we are based
RT @InfoSecHotSpot: Android flaw could expose half of all user, firm warns -
RT @IEthics: Despite #privacy policy, RadioShack customer data up for sale in auction:
Big Data Is an Economic Justice Issue, Not Just a Privacy Problem @datajustice1 Agreed
Give data control back to the people panel at #Impact2015 says as reported by @researchlive - still missing remedy
Labour MPs we'll ensure you control your data @WiredUK we agree with every statement @stellacreasy @ChiOnwurah
Nice blog on reputation @whimsley an area of our soon to be launched social networking service we may need help on
There can be no faith in gov if our highest offices are excused from scrutiny - they should be setting example of transparency - #EdSnowden
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