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Ever noticed how you feel comfortable in a crowd at an event? Whether itís your local dog show, Manchester United vs Liverpool or a business conference, you know you share an interest with those around you.

You can start a conversation because you know the person next to you is interested in the same thing as you.

Imagine being able to start that conversation with your mobile, but be able to talk to everyone nearby simultaneously, and to continue that conversation between events in the cloud.

The Krowdģ connects people in a location and sustains connections through shared interests.
In a crowd you are anonymous. People around you share your interest, but that does not mean you want them to know who you are. Anonymous social interaction allows you to assess the person you are talking to before you share more. Our social network seeks to replicate this natural human caution and allow you to define the level of privacy you want in your digital conversations.

Other social networks seek to monetize what you do, where you are, what you say and whom you know by selling your data. We donít and wonít.

We apologise - installing this twitter feed enables a twitter tracker. We are looking into ways to disable it for your privacy. For now enable your 'do not track' feature in your browser to avoid this and other trackers.

Social gone Local
Your Data is Your Data

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