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We apologise - installing this twitter feed enables a twitter tracker. We are looking into ways to disable it for your privacy. For now enable your 'do not track' feature in your browser to avoid this and other trackers.
The Krowd connects people in places – without tracking location.

It enables pseudonymous digital introductions and interactions in crowds of like-minded people.

In the Krowd you own all your data and meta-data so you are in complete control.

In the Krowd you are in Control

We take Privacy very seriously, to us this means you are in control of what gets shared with whom, when... and because we are in a mobile world... where.

When where you are defines your interest - social, entertainment, sport, work, retail – only the part of your persona relevant to the place you are in is shared with those around you.

To guarantee your data ownership rights and control we operate completely transparently on what data we hold and how it is used.

Best Data Governance is Total Transparency

Your Data Integrity Overseers

Krowdthink is structuring itself to legally guarantee our transparency to you about what data we hold and how it is used.

We will never sell your data.

Nor will we allow others access to it without your explicit (opt-in) consent. If we do, your data integrity overseers will inform you.

We empower you with an immediate means to remedy any data sharing you regret, or even to remove all your data if our company ever undermines the trust you gave us.

Professor Neil Richards
Expert in: US Constitutional Law, First Amendment, privacy law, the press and the Constitution
Professor Lilian Edwards
Expert in: Internet law (European focus), E-Governance, E-Commerce, online consumer privacy
Professor Steven Furnell
Expert in: Network security, security management and culture, computer crime, user authentication, network security and security usability
Professor Andy Phippen
Expert in: social responsibility in information technology, public use of ICT, online privacy and data protection for children and young people

True Deletion is the Ultimate Remedy

It's your data - you should be able to delete it

If you share something you later regret - delete it from your account and from all those you shared it with.

If we change the app to share your data in a way you disagree with - you will be able to export your data and delete the account

Empowering you with complete control of your online profile means we have to earn your trust anew every day.

About us

The Krowd was born out of a passion for mobile and social networking done right. By right, we mean a place where people can interact in the sure knowledge they are not being tracked, profiled or otherwise monitored. A place where users are empowered to engage without the worry of how those interactions are going to be monetized.

We intend to swim against the tidal rush to ‘Big Data’ because we see its inherent dangers to privacy, culture and a freedom of expression. Instead we seek to hold the minimum of data about our users needed to deliver a well-defined service and to strongly secure what is entrusted to us.

Yet we also know there is no such thing as a secure system, so the surest route to security as an underpinning to privacy is to avoid storing unnecessary data, thus making our social network the least attractive to future hackers.

We know most people avoid using social networks due to distrust of how their data will be used – we are delivering a new way of engaging online, a place you can trust. We believe the only effective way to do this is to break the social media mold – and seek to give our users effective ownership of the data they entrust to us, including all the meta-data we use to deliver the service. The only way we’ll be believed will be to be utterly transparent about our service and processes.

This is a new way of social networking – truly social networking as a service to you – the customer.

ManInTheKrowd - our official blog

Talking Openly, Speaking Privately

Why pseudonymity is important for the Krowd

(Thu, 11 Sep 2014 13:06:10 +0000)

When we are in a crowd, most people around us are strangers, in effect they are anonymous to us in terms of their name and who they are. Yet we already know things about them, simple things like the fact that they are co-located with us, and because we are in the same place, perhaps […]

Delete should mean Delete!

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The reasonably tech savvy amongst us have learnt that on our PC delete does not mean delete, it means the file is in the trash and is not deleted until the trash is emptied. However the really tech savvy know that even then the data is not deleted. Instead the pointer to the file data […]

Why the Right to Delete is so important Online

(Thu, 20 Mar 2014 10:52:59 +0000)

We all instinctively know that when we connect to websites and use online apps that some data is being collected about us. Sometimes we explicitly know what that data is from forms we filled in, but in reality it’s what we do online that tells the most interesting tale of who we are. What we […]

A Day in the life of ManInTheKrowd

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Its a bright crisp autumnal morning and ManInTheKrowd leaves for work at 6am to catch his train. Its packed as normal and its a job to get a seat, but he eventually gets settled for the hour-long journey. He sets his Krowd persona to Social and connects to the Krowd in the train using their […]

You always pay for Social Network services

(Wed, 09 Oct 2013 09:30:26 +0000)

The norm for social networks is that they present the idea they are free. But they are not of course. You pay by helping them collate a profile of you. Not just with your profile itself, but by how you interact with their service overtime, which adds to the identification of who you are. The […]

PRISM, the NSA We only collect the meta-data

(Fri, 12 Jul 2013 10:34:34 +0000)

In my opinion, this statement from the US National Security Agency, when defending themselves against the revelations by Ed Snowden about how PRISM collated data about your online communications, is perhaps the most reprehensible piece of marketing double-speak I have heard for a long long time. They know full well that the vast majority of […]

Thinking about Images in Social Networks

(Wed, 27 Mar 2013 14:47:51 +0000)

Images are great, we love using them to communicate, and now its said that facebook posts now contain an image 50% of the time. But with social networks that actually seek your data in order to sell it on…which is the majority, you have to ask yourself, how much data did you just give over […]

Tracking Location Creeps Us Out

(Mon, 04 Mar 2013 16:12:57 +0000)

Using Co-Location not Location-based capabilities to deliver a social networking service. Lets face it, very few people turn on their GPS except for a specific purpose, such as getting map directions. We intuitively understand that when GPS is on we are being tracked by the company behind the app and/or perhaps the mobile phone maker […]

What is a Krowd?

(Thu, 20 Dec 2012 17:23:56 +0000)

In short its the social networking app created by Krowdthink. But thats does not tell you much, especially as we have not launched the app itself yet, it enters 1st public test in Q1 2013, email here if you are interested in supporting any of the test phases. Our start point for the Krowd concept […]

What is Online Privacy?

(Tue, 20 Nov 2012 08:10:52 +0000)

At Krowdthink we seek to offer our users online privacy as a foundational building block of our service. So we had better be clear from the outset what it is, or at least to offer up our definition. Even the wiki definition of internet privacy struggles to express this concept succinctly, but we will try. […]