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London – 29th April 2016
The first conference integrating the commercial opportunity of privacy and the new GDPR

The Location Privacy Experts

Advocating consumer rights for location tracking

Innovating Location-based social engagement

Our Advocacy

We fight to protect users from location tracking

#optmeoutoflocation campaign

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We research and implement best practice in trustworthy digital social engagement We fight from the point of view of developers who have innovated solutions to the problems we see in localized digital engagement in the context of a Trust Model

Smart Cities

The strategic challenge is to maximise the revenue opportunity of digitising cities into the local economy

Encouraging localised digital engagement can mitigate a city’s data bleed of value to cloud service providers

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RT @jacob_baytelman: Online #privacy fears: Is there a path forward?
RT @jacob_baytelman: Changes in Twitter can change it so drastically that it might become something very different…
But who will be in control of the data? Internet 2.0 where commercial interest dictates data ownership imbalance?
Adding to the 94m lost last week
RT @OpenRightsGroup: Eight hours left as Norwegians read out the T&Cs from commonly used apps word by word—about 16 hours in… Google wants our location and multi-biometrics just so we can we #trust them with this data ?
@IanLJones98 @forrester concur, its why we spent ages figuring out how to build #trust into digital engagement
Spot on, but hard. Needs a company culture shift or a new co that embraces these concepts as its value proposition
Interesting #trust report "consumers indicate they don’t trust any entity whatsoever to protect their information"
101 guide to how targeting/profiling works in the Internet we know we are tracked/profiled...this details how
@jtrevorhughes "we need privacy to create intimacy and trust" in digital terms to foster increased engagement, which creates biz opportunity
Excellent article on the ethics of a new style of online biz @randhindi which we completely agree with
@randhindi Just read your article in @TechCrunch. I feel I could have written it! We should talk - you need to go beyond PbD towards #trust
RT @OpenRightsGroup: Open Rights Group baulks at Queen's new data sharing legislation
@MadaBeloo I was not aware...I will take a look thx.
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