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Krowdthink Ltd was founded by Geoff Revill and Jacob Baytelman. Two guys with a desire to change the way social networking is delivered in a mobile age - starting with complete respect for peoples right to engage online without location tracking or psychological profiling. Who I am belongs to me, to share with whom I decide, when, how and where I decide. Its time social networks become a service to the customer and user - who should be one and the same.

The Internet is in its infancy, the consequences of the way in which current social networks operate have profound effects on society and even world order. The pursuit of big data in a cyber world that we already know cannot be fully secured, nor safely anonymised, puts the user at risk. It puts commercial entities in a position of responsibility that governments continuously struggle to hold them accountable for, especially across international boundaries. Our rights are protected only in retrospect, after the damage is done.

Only companies that decide to make your privacy their business can offer a real alternative to the current status quo.

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