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Advocating Privacy

There are two key aspects to privacy advocacy that Krowdthink focuses on:

GDPR Compliance

Few know what the GDPR KPI (Key Performance Indicator). It is Trust. Or more specifically its objective is to mitigate citizens increasing levels of distrust in digital services and ideally see a recovery. It's a tall order.

However, despite this critical objective, the GDPR itself is in many ways a low bar, relatively easily circumnavigated with the right legal advice.

Our approach to the GDPR is to understand it's key principles and its primary objective and to seek to explicitly deliver against them. This meant that the day the GDPR became law (April 2016 not May 2018 when it became enforced) our platform was already compliant by design

Krowdthink speaks on GDPR panel at Eventtechlive Nov 2017

Krowdthink chairs MyData 'GDPR - Practical Application'

Our simple Krowd Privacy statement

Privacy - the Competitive Advantage

In 2016, Krowdthink initiated the first, highly successful, UK event to bring together legislative experts, privacy innovators and investors that believe in a better Internet.

We fundamentally believe that the lack of privacy in digital engagement will not be addressed until new business models evolve that sustain the customer expectation of 'free', whilst delivering online services that respect privacy.

This event brings together the advocates for business change to share best practice in tackling this challenging issue.

To connect to this community of innovators join our Linkedin group.

Location Privacy

Location, especially if stored over time, is the single most insightful piece of data that can be collected on people. It can highlight where you live, work and play. It shows who you know and how well you know them. It can give deep insights to your health, financial status and personal relationships and how they change over time.

In early 2016 we undertook a detailed investigation into how UK public Wi-Fi suppliers and mobile phone service providers track, store and use peoples location history, even when their location services are turned off. Independently The Open Rights Group did the same; our conclusions were remarkably similar. We obtained significant coverage in The Guardian and many technical media. You can download the detailed reports here, but more importantly you can learn how to opt out of these tracking activities.

Krowdthink will continue to investigate and expose companies who covertly obtain location information and use it for commercial gain without obtaining explicit opt-in consent from citizens.

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