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Consulting on GDPR

Krowdthink speaks on GDPR panel at Eventtechlive Nov 2017

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GDPR readiness consultation

Krowdthink helps Wi-Fi providers on GDPR and RPEC

Krowdthink is chairing the "GDPR - Practical Application" session

Krowdthink invited to present its GDPR-ready location privacy technology to the European Data Protection Supervisor technical committee (Internet Privacy Engineering Network)

Krowdthink organises 1st business-benefit focussed GDPR event, speakers include the Deputy Data Supervisor for the GDPR, Policy Manager for the ICO and the Chief Attorney Advisor to the Federal trade Commission of America.

Towards a differentiated business proposition

At Krowdthink we see the GDPR & the upcoming E-Privacy Regulation as a driver of market change, and change means business opportunity.

We are practitioners, experienced in building GDPR ready product and business models for a more heavily legislated era.

Our focus is SME's, start-ups and their investors - for companies seeking to become GDPR ready, or due diligence support on 'personal data use' for current or prospective business investments.

As GDPR practitioners, people who have lived through the design and development of technology and business models that are GDPR ready, we know how to make compliance more than just a tick box; making it a foundational building block of a competitively differentiated product and business.

If you have to work through the cost of compliance, why not take one more small step to turn that investment into a commercial asset? This is the approach we take at Krowdthink.

Our services are focused for SME's and start-ups:

Wi-Fi and Location Privacy Expertise

Wi-Fi operators and venues adopting Wi-Fi have new challenges under the GDPR, and much more so if the new E-Privacy (Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications) currently in draft is implemented in 2018 as currently drafted and planned. Essentially Wi-Fi becomes as strongly legislated as the telecoms sector, meaning collating and selling location data, browsing information and user data is set to be severely limited with explicit, informed positive opt-in consent being needed.

The new legislation is so tight that the business models of existing service provision are severely challenged, requiring a re-think. The solution is to consider both new consent technology and new business models that can work in concert with the tidal wave of new legislation. Krowdthink can take you through a business-centric approach to the new legislative environment.

Feedback from previous clients:

"If you're looking for a knowledgeable, informed, and enthusiastic font of knowledge about GDPR then you won't find a more credible one than Krowdthink. Their engaging workshop has equipped us with the tools to tackle the challenging new requirements that it poses."
Mark Grindrod, Technical Services Manager, CETSAT

"The session was very informative and Krowdthink was very knowledgeable and approachable. The mini-workshops were great for group discussions and the course pack provided extra web links to extremely useful information. I would recommend this course."
Amy Evans, Information Systems Officer, Dashboard Remote Monitoring

"An interesting and insightful workshop that discusses regulatory changes with widespread commercial impact."
Head of Engineering (name withheld as requested)

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