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Innovating Co-Location

See our presentation at the Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN)
GPS has been in Smartphones for over 15 years, yet we rarely use it except for mapping services, unless you count the Pokemon Go craze. We have an inherent natural concern about having our location tracked, especially in social platforms. So the mass social engagement opportunity of mobile devices has been restricted to virtual cloud based connections, disconnecting us from the real world around us.

To overcome this natural concern and to foster the location based digital connection opportunity we innovated to enable location-based digital engagement without needing to know location! We call the approach Co-location, because we realized for social engagement we just needed to know people are in the same place at the same time, not where they are.

The tech works by looking around the smartphone to obtain real-time world comparators that allow us to be sure you are in a unique place. The primary one we use is Wi-Fi. If people are on the same Wi-Fi at the same time we know they are in the same place. We don't know where that place is nor do we need to know. We even hide any identifying Wi-Fi information from ourselves using an encryption technique called hashing, so even if hacked our customer locations will not be revealed.

Our Krowd app needs your permission to access location services, even though it does not seek to determine your absolute location. We need this app permission to view other data that allows us to define co-location (no GPS co-ordinates are sought).

If however you use the KrowdedPlace or KrowdSafe alert buttons, then at the point of reporting we determine your absolute location to include in the report. This is an opt-in process and your location is not tracked on an on-going basis.

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