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Krowdthink Wins Funding in Defence & Security Accelerator Competition to Innovate Crowd Safety

Exeter, UK, 1st March 2018 - Krowdthink Ltd, developers of the Krowd® event and venue app for networking and social engagement, today announced at Confex International and the Event Production Show, Olympia London, that it won funding under the UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition to improve crowd resilience.

Following the Manchester Arena bombing and subsequent terror attacks in London of 2017, the UK Government Office of Security and Counter Terrorism within the Home Office sought to encourage innovation to improve crowd resilience. Key areas of interest from the call include improving the detection of threats from explosives and weapons within a range of crowded places with high foot-fall and so reduce the chance of such future attacks happening again. DASA was tasked with engaging the UK technology community and successfully solicited a wide range of proposals for innovation and research into this challenging task.

Krowdthink's approach is to enhance its venue-based communication and social platform, the Krowd®, to integrate venue security staff with the crowd they are charged with keeping safe. Krowdthink's Krowd® innovatively combines a secure social-engagement app, with features to enhance safety and security operations within high foot-fall spaces that are Wi-Fi enabled. It enables threat, event, venue and safety information to be shared via mobile devices, transforming 'the crowd' into a 'virtual sensor' to effectively identify threats and easily respond via alerts.

Its use is intended to support the UK Government Crowded Places Guidance which identifies that we all have an important role in keeping ourselves safe. The Krowd makes this simpler and more accessible by combining integrated security features into a secure and private event app that both enhances customer experience at events and enables the crowd to keep personally safe. Instead of solely relying on security staff to keep us safe, we enable active crowd participation in keeping themselves safe.

This same approach also provides a simple way to report minor crimes or concerns to on-site staff who can quickly respond to enhance the event, venue or festival experience.

The deterrent effect on terrorists is potentially transformational; instead of a terrorist focussing on finding surveillance camera blackspots and security guard patrol gaps, they now need to worry that anyone with a smartphone using the Krowd could be reporting their suspicions. The aggregated crowd alerts create a powerful insight to an emerging threat, assisting security staff to respond rapidly and pre-emptively.

"This is an exciting new sector for event technology to innovate and deliver new value," said Geoff Revill, CEO and Managing Director of Krowdthink Ltd "It's difficult for event managers and some venue owners to invest in the safety of their visitors to the extent they would like - we will lower that cost barrier to make crowd safety a standard investment activity."

Krowdthink is actively engaging with large venue, event and festival organisers to explore the opportunity further as its drives towards its concept demonstration event in November this year (2018).

About Krowdthink Ltd

Krowdthink is innovating to disrupt the events sector by building one app that any visitor to any venue or any event can use without pre-registration or configuration. We use existing communication infrastructure to build public intranets that enable digital engagement in the context of the venue or event. Our world leading GDPR compliant implementation of event tech means our solution is privacy respectful of the individual, and business confidential respectful too, as we neither know nor collect any information about venue or event customers. Krowdthink's goal is to become the world's most trustworthy social engagement and networking platform.

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About the Krowdthink crowd resilience research and development team

Krowdthink's winning research and development proposal was ably facilitated by Bar Associates and supported by Wright NoW Solutions, Xebre, Telaugos Solutions Ltd and Right Objective.

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