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Smart Cities

There are many ways to build smart cities - most think it's mostly about tech, but we believe its about the citizens. Using digital services to enhance citizen engagement not only makes a city smarter, but it can strengthen community.

The challenge is to not lose citizen data to the cloud where it can be harvested by Internet behemoths that take the revenue opportunity away from local businesses, possibly even from the nation state!

The Krowd app is our first example of how we can foster localized digital engagement using the power of Wi-Fi. But we have larger plans for more city and town wide capabilities enabled by using the mobile phone infrastructure in new and innovative ways to deliver content that can only be accessed if you are in the place to which it pertains, whether that's city, street, mall or shops, whilst still ensuring that no location data is used to track citizens or invade their privacy and freedom of movement.

To learn more please contact with a subject "Smarter Cities thru connected citizens".

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